10 Best Street Foods You Can Enjoy In Karachi During A Rainy Day!


 10 Best Street Foods You Can Enjoy in Karachi

Karachi is known for its food. It’s a fancy restaurant.

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1) Bun Kebabs

 Nursery Bun Kabab

Bun Kebabs were the kings of fast food before burgers swooped in to steal the glory. However, they haven’t been completely replaced. The stall of the stall is nearby. You can find a stall at almost every corner of the road. The Best Nihari Places in Karachi

2) French Fries

 french fries with masala

Let's be honest, Rs. 150, fries cant compare to the Rs. 30 ones available at the various umeda aur zaiqaydaar chips ’thelaas in Karachi. It is incredibly greasy while it spirits with a single bite. There is no one place that offers the best roadside french fries in our opinion.

3) Gola Ganda and Kulfi

 gola ganda

On the hotly hot day, chill with a cup of flavored shaved ice or Kulfi. Dhoraji is famous for selling ganda and kulfi.

4) Pani Puri, Gol Gappas and Chaat

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I’m not sure about that. It is a rainy day. [65 22 count [[[[[Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking] Mouth-Watering Biryani Recipes. You Must Try

5) Kebab Rolls

 kebab rolls

emailsblog] our memories after exams revolve around stopping by Eaton for Garlic Mayo rolls. Ever since the very famous silver leaf has been closed down, We have even tried the Zinger rolls, yes they exist. Chachney rolls by Hot n Spicy.

6) Kachori


home, you find a frying hot and delicious Kachoris. What do you do? Aloo ki sabzi ’on the side. Shawarma

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8) Dosa

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Dosas can be found at quite a few places i n Karachi. Sprinkled with crispy flatbread filled with spicy potatoes, made with coconut curry and chutney makes us giddy with delight. The Bombay Chowpatti offer a dosa, the place is not consistent with the food quality. The little van outside Tooso, on the other hand, has never been disappointed.

9) Samosas and Jalebi

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Evenings with samos, jalebi and namak paray, of course, you can wind up a crazy weekday.

10) Chai and Paratha

 chai patti

When you’re done in under Rs. If you’re looking for a place in particular, we’re the one who really wants you to go. ”

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