Ten meals that you can not find anywhere in the world


It's always shocking when we discover that the food we love and enjoy is not available anywhere in the world. Some countries often prohibit certain items if they are unhealthy or do not apply within the rules on food and health. Imagine if someone told you that French fries were banned in your country. Would not it be a horror to imagine life without some French fries? Here is a list of foods that you can enjoy only in certain parts of the world as they are prohibited in others:

1. Chicken

Many countries feed their chickens with a chemical called "arsenic" that is banned on the European continent. Arsenic is added to help improve the appearance of the chicken and make it look pink. Therefore, it has been banned for being one of the main causes of cancer.

2. French fries

Processed food made of potato like french fries or French fries has an important added element. It is called "olestra" and is a substitute for fats. Olestra has also been banned in Canada and the United Kingdom. According to studies, olestra causes an increase in stomach problems and is therefore prohibited in many countries around the globe.

3. Fresh milk

Many people drink fresh milk, particularly in the continents of Asia and Europe. Unpasteurized milk is not available in other continents because it can have bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella in the content. This product is prohibited in Canada, Scotland and in parts of the United States, as well as in Australia. According to the rules of the FDA, all milk must be pasteurized and must meet the corresponding requirements. Each country has its own set of FDA rules for the same.

4. Energy drinks

People around the world love to drink energy drinks after exercising. But, these drinks are known to include brominated vegetable oil that is known as the cause of some mental illnesses. These drinks are banned in over 100 nations around the world, so you can not enjoy your favorite energy drinks the next time you decide to explore the world.




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