The Best Movie Scenes to see again and again from 2018


The best part of the experience of watching a movie at home is just the idea that we can pause it when we want to eat something or have some kind of disaster or emergency at home and of course not miss any of the movie. But, many times, we paused to look for some secret hidden in the production or to see an incredible moment, or maybe to see the best scene again and again.

The best movies of the year had some incredible experiences to be the most watched movies. We list below some of the most fascinating moments of the 2018 films that are not only worth pausing but rather to return the movie and watch them again. Here we go –


Venom with Tom Hardy was undoubtedly one of the rarest encounters of the year according to the big screen and stands out especially as one of the most unusual Marvel movies that ever existed. The fans can not decide between if it was incredible or horrendous, just bad or just terrible in general. Anyway, it brings us one of the shots with more discussion of the artistic year: The kissing scene between Eddie Brock and Venom.

Was it really between Eddie and Venom? Is it necessary to say that it was between Eddie and Anne? We all know that when Venom possesses the body of Eddie's ex, Anne (Michelle Williams), Venom bows and they have a deep and exceptional tongue kiss.

That minute certainly seems like Venom and Eddie are kissing even though the symbiote has the body of a woman. Also, taking into account that Venom is in control at any point when it owns someone, it certainly seems that Venom is the one who decides to go for everything in this scene.


The dimension of madness that was achieved in Megalodon is really incredible, and although it is really silly, the movie is still quite funny. Jason Statham is the protagonist and plays the role of a person trying to catch and kill a great shark, and that's the whole introduction. The improvement of the references to "Shark" on the planet can not take Megalodon to the dimension of that film, although, it compensates what it needs simply for all the production.

The most epic scene in the entire film is about halfway through, when shark finders have trapped the megalodon and hung the animal in its boat. Or at least they think they have captured the Megalodon. It is at that moment when a much larger megalodont jumps out of the water, eats the little one, and escapes. Had they chased the wrong Megalodon from the beginning?

Did not they know that this largest Megalodon existed? In that case, Megalodon took his start quite crazy and did it even more by making his monstrous animal even bigger.

Deadpool 2

To "really" be a piece of the X-Men brand, there are surprisingly very few X-Men characters in the first Deadpool movie. In fact, Colossus is a co-star, and the film takes place in a similar world, when Deadpool (Ryan Raynolds) visits the mansion of Professor Charles Xavier. The first film even has a line that says "None of the other X-Men was home" when he arrives.

Although, Deadpool 2 takes it even further and includes a somewhat comical scene. When Colossus takes the very injured Wade back to the X mansion, Wade again mentions the absence of X-Men characters who are willing to come out in their fake X-Men movie. "One imagines that production would give us a bone. Can not they just bring one of the famous X-Men? Should not something like that be said with giant pigeon wings? What do those things do anyway, huh? Do they carry it one meter above the ground and reach the nearest piece of biscuit? "While he is still talking, a room behind him reveals a whole group of X-Men. The fun moment deserves a break to see who is inside the room: Xavier (James McAvoy), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Quicksilver (Evan Peters), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), and Nightcrawler ( Kodi Smit-McPhee).

Jurassic World: the fallen kingdom

There are a couple of great moments worth pausing for Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, the most recent installment of the movie that revived the Jurassic World series in 2015. This new movie presents another alarming dinosaur hybrid, the Indoraptor, which, when finally discovered, deserves a pause to see it again. Jurassic World also created a dinosaur similar to a T-Rex with raptor DNA called Indominus Rex, although the adversary of this film an adaptation that includes the speed of a raptor. At that point, there is a minute right at the beginning of the movie when the mosasaurus, that gigantic dinosaur similar to a crocodile, flies out of a large lake and swallows a person hanging from a helicopter.

Even so, the most epic moment to pause Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, comes around the center of the film, when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), Owen (Chris Pratt), and their partners are trying to empty the Nublar Island from the remaining dinosaurs before the volcano kills them all. But, the larger dinosaurs move more gradually, and an unfortunate Brachiosaurus can not get out of the island in time. In the saddest image of the film, you can see how the poor animal is flooded with smoke, and you hear the last fearful roar of the beast before falling into a wave of burning debris. He deserves a pause to really see this moment of grief and misfortune before moving on to the more active parts.




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