The sassafras tree can help heal wounds and blows quickly and is also a good ingredient in a salad.


But, the oil obtained from the plant is not safe and therefore oil is banned all over the world.

It's not surprising that stores want us to spend money, that's the way business works after all. But many stores have found a way to exploit this. They have brought in marketing psychologists and marketing experts to discover ways to make people spend more money than they had originally planned.

In fact, these deceptions are so imperceptible and powerful, that you could be falling into them without even knowing!

You'll find these tricks everywhere, but especially in supermarkets. These, being so competitive, have to use these tactics to excel. But if you try to save money, the knowledge of these tricks is vital to be able to learn to evade them and in this way, not to overspend.

Strategic product positioning

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While some people will be familiar with the place where the products are, this is also the case where the products are available. You will notice that some stores put cupcakes or flowers near the entrance of the store. Or maybe they put all the fresh fruit and vegetables in the entrance of the store. Those are the rope to get you in.

Healthy food gives you the impression that you chose the healthy part of the store. On the other hand, flowers and pastries have attractive smells that attract you. Cupcakes in particular may make you feel hungry while you're shopping.

After this you have the essential items that are in the back of the store. This forces you to go through the aisles, exposing yourself to more products that you can buy impulsively. But you can also buy them because you feel hungry. The fact that you have to go through all the edible items before you can get where you want may be enough for you to buy more products of this type.

Solution: Eat an appetizer

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But to all this there is a quick solution and it is eating a snack. It is preferable to eat it before you even set foot in the store and regardless of whether you are hungry or not. It is much easier to resist the temptation to buy extra food if you feel full.

But eating a snack is part of a much bigger plan to come prepared. This means that you have to come with a shopping list before entering and stay out of this.

In doing this, you have two advantages in particular. First, it keeps you away from distractions, you know what you need and you usually know where it is. Second, is that even if they cheat you, you leave the store with everything you needed in the first place ..

Larger trolleys

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Since at least 1975, shopping carts have become much larger and not many people have realized this. But one thing that has not changed at all is our behaviors when buying.

Since supermarkets have been part of our lives, many buyers get a certain degree of satisfaction from having a cart full of items. The supermarkets have realized this and in the last decades the size of the shopping carts has been gradually increased. It is easy to say that nowadays no handful of articles can fill the cart. It is also noteworthy that when buyers are online and see other buyers with their carts full, they feel almost obligated to return and buy more to avoid looking poor.

Solution: look for alternatives

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Many supermarkets have recognized today that many of their buyers are not part of a large family. To like those who buy only for themselves, they also offer baskets or smaller carts. Using one of these reduces the urge to fill a cart to the edge. And even if you do, you can save less things than with the common cart.

It is also a good idea to avoid going for a cart or basket from the beginning. Of course this is based on what you need to buy. Be as it is if you only look for a few articles, it is better to take what you need and leave. This totally limits what you can carry.

Another way to see this strategy is thinking that leaving the cart side by side will help you move faster. You do not have to sneak through corridors full of people or wait for people to move forward. You can simply pass through the traffic if you only carry your basket or carry what you need in your hands.

Numbers game

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One thing you'll find in many stores is their obsession with numbers ".99" or in some cases. "49:" There are studies that have investigated this and have found that people feel better when buying something if the price is $ 4.99 instead of a $ 5.00 closed. That penny of difference can play with your mind and the trick has a name. It is called the "Effect of the digit on the left."

Basically, people get carried away more by the digit on the left and do not pay attention to the rest of the numbers. That's why people sometimes tend to argue with cashiers saying they bought something for $ 4 when in fact the price was $ 4.75 or $ 4.99. Some stores even put aside the money sign to eliminate the association with the money itself. This is just to convince you to buy more.

Solution: round

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In the first years of school, we learned in mathematics that if a decimal was greater than 5 the number could be rounded to the nearest 0. All we have to do is use this when we go to the supermarket.

You can take this even further. Why there are taxes on some of the products. And although these taxes are not going to the supermarket portfolio, they are still an extra cost for us. So adding the tax to each of the items you buy will give you a better idea of ​​how much you spend.

At the same time, it can be a nice surprise too. We know that not everything in the store has taxes. So if you train to add taxes to all items, the total will end up being less than you calculated.

This strategy is useful because it helps us stay within budget, which is important for many of us. It is not strange that these days we or others are discussing with the cashier about the price of certain objects and canceling some of them. If you have the tendency to do that, it's time to round up.




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